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Is Chinese gender chart accurate?

In ancient times it was not possible for one to know the gender of the baby till they were born. But later on, as medical science improved, came the ultrasound tests which could accurately show the gender of the baby. But again this has become out of rules because one should not try to determine the gender of the baby till it comes out.

Now, even before these tests and other things to determine the gender there were actually many methods which predicted the baby’s gender. Among them there was a thing called the Chinese gender chart as well. It was said if the baby is high in the abdomen then it will be a boy and if the abdomen is low then it is mostly a girl.

There was another method where the pregnant woman used to lay on the floor and then someone used to dangle her wedding ring or band above the belly. If the ring used to start moving in a line just like a pendulum then it was assumed that the woman is going to have a baby boy. But if the ring used to move in circles then the baby is supposed to be a girl.

But none of them were authentic methods because they had no scientific explanation behind it. Now when it comes to this Chinese gender chart, it is a very detailed and large chart that uses the age of the pregnant mother and their date of getting pregnant to predict whether they are going to have a boy or a girl. It is said that the prediction of the chart is almost 90 percent accurate.

This calendar wants to know in which lunar month the woman is born rather than knowing the usual calendar birth month. Also one needs to put in their date of pregnancy or the expected date of delivery there.

According to many, this gender chart is more than 700 years old and this was kept by the servants in the palace of China. These servants were mainly eunuchs. This chart is mainly based on a very ancient Chinese religious text called I Ching and it was a guide to life. The servants used to use this chart and calculate the days to see when it is the best time to have sex for the royal couples to give birth to baby boys. But at the time of the Boxer Rebellion, this chart was lost. Many years later it got discovered in Europe.

Many researchers have found out that this chart is very much accurate and if one follows it properly then there is a 90 percent chance that the result or the prediction will match. The Chinese Gender Predictor Chart can also be used on own if one is checking it for their second or third pregnancy because by that time one can get the way how the things work and how it is calculated.

But still many medical science people believe there is no need at all to know the gender till the baby is born.

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