Get treated for your dental problems in an international way with the Royal dental tourism center

Get treated for your dental problems in an international way with the Royal dental tourism center

India Dental Tourism offered by Royal Dental is a renowned name in the history of dental care and has a strong presence in the field of medicine in Mumbai. It has been rendering excellent healthcare in different medical and surgical dental specialties and has been rendering world-class dental care services.

The hospital is equipped with a pool of trained doctors and efficient support staff and it renders the state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities, treatment options, and intensive care facilities.

The hospital in Mumbai is a massive hospital that renders world-class health care in over twenty-five medical specialties. The best feature of this hospital is that apart from the general dental specialties, it also renders expert medical care in dentistry. The best dentist in India is in this hospital that specializes in advances in dentistry such as implantology. The expert medical team in this hospital coupled with world-class diagnostic equipment and therapeutic tools makes healthcare feasible and affordable for the people of Mumbai. 

Fixing an appointment with the hospital for International patients:

Contacting the specialists at the hospitals is pretty simple with the help of the quick inquiry section, available at the website of the hospital. Clients can also upload a report and raise a query through this portal. The IPS team of this portal will contact expert consultants and report the diagnosis, proposed treatment, and cost estimate of the procedures and report the same to the clients.

They can also arrange for phone calls with the experts to solve the queries of the clients. Pre-booking of hospital rooms is also available for clients requiring immediate medical care. The expert team available at the hospital completes medical documentation and also organizes and arranges the client’s stay in the hospital before and during the treatment and in a hotel post-treatment for follow-up.

Amenities available at the hospital:

The hospital has a team of highly qualified and internationally trained physicians in the field of emergency medicine. The hospital offers the most advanced procedures and renders the lowest missing teeth treatment cost in India. Other facilities available are,

  • Highly trained ambulance staff
  • Round the clock pharmacy
  • Cafeteria
  • Valet parking etc.

Comfort needs that are available for international clients during their stay are as follows,

  • The clients are allotted private rooms with Television and free WIFI facilities.
  • Mobility accessible rooms can be arranged for weak and old clients.
  • Family accommodation is available within the premises to accommodate the members of the client’s family.
  • Laundry services, personal assistance, nanny services, religious facilities are available as well.
  • Medical travel insurance and foreign currency exchange.
  • International cuisine for family members and therapeutic diet for clients.

The hospital has a special International patient service team that contacts expert consultants based on the query raised by the clients. They also clear queries about the diagnosis, treatment, and cost of the procedures as well.

Bottom Line:

Once the treatment and stay of the clients in the hospital are confirmed, the hospital team will make all the arrangements for the convenient stay of the patients. The team completes all the medical documentation procedures, arranges the operation theatre if needed, and organizes the stay of the patients in the hotel pre and post-treatment as well.

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