Digital printing for four-color marking

Digital printing for direct marking on many supports and flexible or rigid materials in four-color process. A technique offering great graphic freedom with the faithful reproduction of images, photos … and identical or different contents on each plate.

The technical principle of digital printing

This method makes it possible to print media directly from computer data. A great flexibility and a speed of unquestionable implementation make this technique a very popular process. Digital Signature is also a part of this technique. Printing is therefore launched directly from the computer to the machine via specific software: the RIP.

The printing is obtained by projection of inks. The support can therefore be of different types: metal, plastic, but also wood, glass … Also, the quality of the marking is related to the printing speed (the slower it is and the better the quality of the ink deposit), the smoothness of the machine and the quality of the print file.

Four- color marking (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), combined with additional white allows a great graphic freedom because it is possible to obtain all the colors and nuances necessary for images, graphics, photographs or even logos .

Modern Marking offers two digital printing techniques:

Flatbed printing using inks and drying with UV technology. It is the set of print heads that moves on the support to print, so you can print on rigid plates, up to 5 cm in height.

Eco-solvent ink rolls printing. It makes it easy to print soft vinyl media. It is the material that advances on the machine to be printed.


-Fast implementation without preparatory step, from the computer file to the machine.

– A great freedom of creation, thanks to the four-color processing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) of full or nuanced colors.

– Faithful reproduction of texts, visuals and photographs in high definition, and the possibility of managing variable data.

– A marking on various supports, rigid or flexible.

The fields of application:

Digital printing can meet many needs in the field of event communication, advertising or signage. The applications are thus very extensive.

In industry too, digital printing is used, in particular for the production of safety plates, identification or traceability labels, as well as for barcode and pipe marking.

Thanks to this new technology, we are able to realize digital prints coupled with our Enluminography techniques. Digital hybridization and illumination on the same product is possible according to rules to implement and different technical constraints.

Digital printing makes the production of your creations even more accessible. Whether finesse or rendering. This is part of what you can bring our digital.
As always and for years TIP offers a solution for technical digital printing and high quality.
For us digital does not mean an excessive pace and a degradation of the quality of your product

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