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The myAirtel app is a miracle worker – it pays your bills, entertains you, recharges your phone and DTH, helps you shop at a discount and also save money in your own account. That’s just one app doing so much!

As a smartphone user, you are aware of the tremendous utility of using phone apps. There may be many different types of apps on your phone, based on your liking, age, lifestyle and usage patterns. But do you have the myAirtelbill payment app?

The myAirtel app – A world of infinite possibilities

The app universe holds an app for every purpose: there are dedicated apps for spirituality, fitness, sleep tracking, study, business, finance, movies and even online dating. But there are very few apps that combine several functionalities on one common platform. These multi-use apps are extremely convenient, since one app does the work of three or five others. The myAirtel app is one such multipurpose app that you must load on your smartphone, whether you are an Airtel user or not.

The myAirtel app offers a host of functions, from bill payment to DTH recharge, and from shopping to savings account usage. It comprises these essential functions:

* The Airtel Payments Bank/Airtel Money: The myAirtel app is most popularly known for offering the excellent Airtel Payments Bank. It is the country’s first mobile-powered money transfer and bill payment app which doubles up as a secure payments and savings bank account platform. The app links Airtel Money with your bank account and you can load it with sufficient balance whenever you wish to make a payment. The money in the app is treated as your savings and paid a high interest of 7.25%.

* Pay your phone and broadband bills. As an Airtel postpaid user, you can easily pay your monthly bill using the few steps outlined on the myAirtel app. Also, you can use the same bill payment app to pay your broadband Internet bill in just a few steps.

* Recharge your phone and DTH connection.Instead of trying to recharge your DTH or prepaid connection going via the desktop version of your mobile service provider’s website, just flick open the myAirtel bill payment app and complete the recharge in a jiffy. You can also get cash back offers and discounts on recharging via the app.

* Watch movies and TV shows on the go.You normally don’t have the time to watch movies and your favourite TV shows when they are beamed on your TV set. But why miss out on quality programming, when the myAirtel app gives you access to the Airtel Live TV & Movies function? The app has curated thousands of the best TV shows and films for your viewing pleasure, apart from showing the FIFA 2018 matches live at the moment.

* Get your music and play games.There’s nothing more pleasurable than plugging on your favourite music and going for a run, or completing a mundane work assignment. But do you have access to your favourite music when you need it? The myAirtel app gives you access to the best old and new tracks wherever you are, at any time of the day, with just one tap of your finger.

* Back your data up and breathe free.If you’ve ever misplaced your phone or faced software corruption issues, you know how painful it is to lose all the data on your phone. But the myAirtel app backs your data constantly and is synced with your mobile number directly. So whether you lose your phone or change your handset, your data remains intact.

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