Not Your Regular Party, It’s a Partyyyy

Are you bored of celebrating the same days in the same mundane manner? Waiting impatiently for a blessing? Well, as Gandhi Ji once said “Be the change you want to see in the world” it’s time for you to usher the twist you want in your monotonous plans. Surrendering to the dull ideas is not an option. Calculating the very few days we have in a year to celebrate special occasions; there isn’t much time to miss out on. If reading this, you feel, ‘it’s your heart being spoken out by someone else’, then join the jamboree.

First things first, you need a new plan to rule out the existing one. With little effort and little chip-in, you can make your name in the world of party planners. Gaining reputation is everybody’s obsession; people choose different ways. Like the light at the end of the tunnel, get guidance on how to become the flag bearer of ‘ the best party ever’. With the festive season just lining up, you will have a chance to practice your luck pretty soon. We better get hurrying up.

A cake, a large table with overflowing food items, a tremendous amount of balloons and decorative items, a well dressed big size gathering, qualify for a great party, but if you intend to make it an extraordinary one, inculcate the idea of customized gifts! Yes, you read it right. The food ends, the decorations collapse, what lasts is gifts and memories. Being a futuristic person, you may tend to think of the Snapchat memories that pop up every few days; you don’t want to be disappointed then, instead make it happen now.

  • Yes to gifts, but how?

If ‘It’s now or never’? Then we choose now! You don’t want to show up at a party, carrying gifts for everybody only to know you are the only thoughtful person out there who has got them. Dumbstruck and heartbroken you can’t even return now. Try slipping into conversations, the idea and goodwill behind bringing gifts. You don’t want to be Santa, but a little bunch of presents never hurts anyone.

  • 5W, 1H, What to gift?

Hopefully, everybody is on board to the idea of gifts, don’t ruin the plan with a kiddish approach. A greeting card would hardly work for anybody even when combined with a bouquet per se. How about an alter approach to customized gifts? They rock. A mug, a pillow, a t-shirt, a fancy bag, matching attire, a cute pair of socks, a formal tie, a piece of jewellery for the young ladies may turn out nicely. And with this, a greeting card may not look so bad.

  • The element of surprise

We are all familiar with the concept of Secret Santa, who says it’s limited to Christmas? Now is the time, go for a little secrecy and add some spice to the celebration. To gain fame among friends and family, you have to go a little over the board, and this is a master plan.

Customization is a thoughtful step. The ready-made go-to gift packs do send love but the personal touch to make your special one’s day more blissful can be easily added with a little customization. Never hold back when it comes to expressing love and affection. Words don’t always suffice your feelings, a meaningful gift, on the other hand, speaks volumes. With the holiday season falling upon us, take a pledge to make this year worth waiting for. 2020 has not been the most comfortable year, but it has not ended yet and so hasn’t our drive to win over all odds.

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