5 Healthy Desserts To Calm Your Cravings

I get it! When someone is craving desserts, that’s because they want to eat something sweet and something that satisfies their craving or sugar. Typically a dessert consists of loads of sugar, butter, flour, which satisfies that craving. While the satisfying factor is desired, the initial three can be leaning towards the unhealthy part but worry not it can be fixed – as these three are easily replaceable with something healthy.

As nowadays people want a healthy option for everything, we have curated a list of healthy desserts.

Banana Bread

Individuals everywhere in the world are trying to be healthy, and I see countless companions of mine joining that same path, which is truly great. As choices of people are changing and leaning towards the healthier side more, the recipes need to be changed according to the needs. So, instead of flour in banana bread, bakers are turning to organic whole wheat, which makes it great for the digestive system.

Mango Chia Seed Pudding

Chia pudding is my number one pick for a healthy sweet breakfast, and I make them regularly. Once you try it, it’s gonna be your favorite and #1 too. It’s healthy and heavenly and will keep you full till the next meal. In addition, it truly is the ideal approach for enjoying the mango season.

Blueberry Granola

This blueberry-almond granola is ideal for breakfast or an evening snack. It is sugar-free, flavourful, healthy, and easy to make. The best thing of this recipe is that it is so flexible! You can add flax seeds, walnut, pine nuts, or cashew to your granola. I mean literally, you can add whatever you want, even fruits for a little punch. Isn’t it great? The crunchy oats and almonds and the chewy blueberries meet up wonderfully with vanilla and some maple syrup. It takes barely 5 minutes to blend everything and just 15 minutes in the oven.

Healthy Pancakes

The healthy pancakes are really wholesome as they are not made with all-purpose flour; they are made with oats. They are sugar-free as well; instead of sugar, pure maple syrup is used. And there you go, a healthy pancake is ready!

Oats Maple Syrup Balls

These balls are healthy, gluten-free, vegan, and refined sugar-free. And one of the delicious  ingredient is maple syrup. It permits to replace refined sugar with something healthy, full of antioxidants and vitamins! Truth be told, maple syrup could be a direct replacement of sugar for all the other traditional Mithais. The most adored thing in this recipe is how maple syrup holds every other ingredient together and grant its own one of a kind flavor that blends in with other ingredients so well.

So, these were some healthy desserts filled with energy and vitamin, which have the tendency to satisfy your craving for sugar. And that’s not all there are many more healthy options that you can avail of these days. You can get some healthy cakes as well, like carrot cake,fruit cake and many more. So, order your favourite dessert online to wherever you stay with just a few clicks and enjoy your healthy dessert.

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