Best One-day Private Tours to Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Best One-day Private Tours to Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

The Plitvice national park and Plitvice lakes tour is most sought 1-day tour in Croatia. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and international tourist destination in Europe. The Plitvice lakes Croatia is a place to see the rear exotic lakes with changing watercolors. It is in the Plitvice lakes national park Croatia. The Plitvice lakes GPS coordinates are 44.8654° north and 15.5820° east. You must book your tour in advance with Plitvice lakes accommodation.

Plitvice Lakes Attractions

There are 16-lakes to tour around in the lush meadows. It is classified in upper and lower lakes.

Proscansko Jezero

It is in the upper lake with an altitude of 636-meters above the mean seas level. You can view the Dinaric Alps from this place.

Water Falls

The Veliki slap 78-meters and Galovacki Buk 25-meters are the major waterfalls to see in Plitvice lakes tour.


The Milka Trnina is an amazing cascade to see in Plitvice lakes. You can also find many other small cascades throughout this lake area.

There are wooden pathways to walk around between small lakes. Boating in this lake will give you the amazing look of flora surrounds this place.

Plitvice Lakes Croatia in Winter Season

The winter season from November to March is the best time to see the frozen Plitvice lakes. The snowfall happens in these months. It will give you a different experience to see snow and frozen waterfalls, lakes and cascades. The lakes will be looking in snow-white color. Yet, the temperature may come down to minus degrees. It is advisable to come here with appropriate winter clothing for a day tour in Plitvice lakes, Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes Croatia in Summer Season

The summer season from April to October is the best time to see the color changing waters in Plitvice lakes. Most of the tourists take tour to Plitvice lakes to see this natural phenomenon, which is very rear to see on this plant Earth. The flowing water and water in lakes are crystal clear. You can see small fishes swimming here and there in theses group of lakes.

How to get to Plitvice lakes?

  • The Plitvice lakes Croatia is accessible by air, road and train.
  • Plitvice lakes from split will take 2-hours 40-minutes to reach Plitvice lake area.
  • Zagreb airport is nearest to alight for Plitvice lakes. The Plitvice lakes from Zagreb are 130-kms, which is accessible by road.
  • Plitvice lakes from Zadar are accessible by road. It is 118-kms away from Plitvice lakes from Zadar.
  • The nearest railway station to alight for Plitvice lakes is from Josipdol and Plaski.

You can get local taxis and private buses to take a one-day tour to Plitvice lakes Croatia. You must check for Plitvice lakes trail map with your tour operator. A guided tour is advisable for all tourists. You must book an all-inclusive 1-day tour package to Plitvice lakes tour. This is an exotic place and popular for eco-tourism in Croatia.

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