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The High Demand of Polished Plastering

In the modern market, Polished plaster is becoming more and more in demand. Designers distinguish it by the possibility of creating an interior in the old style. This article will consider the features and scope of this coating material.

The main feature of Polished plaster, texture, reminiscent of a marble surface

To achieve this effect, stone flour is used as a base. Dust consisting of granite, quartz, marble or other valuable species forms the basis of the coating material. Then add a binder material synthetic fillers. Previously, a mixture of lime and water was added to the composition, but this composition is obsolete.

Natural dyes are replaced by artificial pigments that do not have toxic properties

Acrylic resins and synthetic polymers define the color of the future coating. Polished plaster is smooth if it consists of small particles. The surface structure can be changed by reducing or increasing the size of the constituent parts. Together with the raw material, the masters advise purchasing the material to create a protective layer, beeswax or its analogues.

The composition of the mixture provides its mechanical properties that distinguish this coating from other coating materials. This mixture is quite viscous and plastic, which allows you to work with it not only for masters, but also for beginners. The color pigments are bright enough that the material is not placed in more than two layers.

Due to the complex structure, three types of surface can be obtained: a relief, a smooth coating or a complex artistic structure. You can also have more info about the same now. The best website is available for the same.

Plaster mixes differ not only in names and colors

Manufacturers emit several varieties of this material, which differ in the homogeneity of the composition. The quality of the future surface is directly related to the density and adhesion of the original product. The more sticky mixture will provide better coverage.

Plaster without transparent dye, coloring pigment is added to it before using

The most popular finish is an imitation marble finish. Designers like to use transparent material to obtain a shiny surface. However, this coating requires careful preparation of the rough surface. The finish is applied to a wooden surface and a mason.

Depending on the technology of wax plaster it will be matte or shiny. If the plaster layer is previously smoothed with a special device before applying the wax coating, the future surface will shine. Matt’s effect is achieved by placing a thin layer of wax without pretreating the plaster.

The masters advise choosing thin plaster to obtain a reflective surface.

Pros and cons

Polished plaster has several strengths and weaknesses.

Among the advantages of the wizard are the following:

Environmental friendliness

Despite the fact that the composition of Polished plaster includes artificial polymers, it is not toxic. The cover can be used to face a nursery or a living room. The material does not negatively affect the body, so contact with it is absolutely safe.

Resistance to moisture

Thanks to the wax-based finish, the plaster is reliably protected against contact with water. The coating does not absorb moisture and does not collapse, so it can be used to coat rooms with high humidity.

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