Qualities Of Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedics is the part of the medicine that deals with the body’s musculoskeletal system. Though this is surgery dominated department the scope of chemotherapy or physiotherapy is also there. An orthopedic surgeon is a doctor who diagnoses, treats all kinds of abnormalities or the disorders in the musculoskeletal system. They mainly treat broken bones or joints, torn ligaments or muscles, damaged nerves or tendons. Orthopedic surgeons are good at treating any kind of musculoskeletal disorder but some of them are expert in different body parts and joints. Sometimes they prescribe medicine to treat minor problems, sometimes physiotherapy is recommended after the surgery for the speedy recovery. The surgeons also educate and guide their patients from potential orthopedic injuries or diseases.

Orthopedic surgeons treat people across all age group. It can be a newborn baby or a teenager or a sportsman even an elderly. Anyone suffering from broken bones or joints, torn muscles or ligaments or tendons all over the body can come for treatment. It is necessary for the patient and their families to have a good relationship with the surgeon; it helps to take any decision regarding the treatment lot easier. It helps to create mutual respect for each other.

Orthopedic surgeons treat various types of abnormalities or diseases. Surgeons treat many musculoskeletal diseases with medicines, physical exercises and alternative therapies. If the patient does not respond enough then the surgeon goes for the surgery.  Best orthopedic surgeon in India perform various types of surgeries; some of the common types are as follows-

  1. Arthroscopy- this is a surgical procedure that orthopedic surgeons use to detect and examine and treat any kind of joint-related problems. The main instrument looks like a pencil comprising a camera and a light source. It is inserted into the defective joint through a small incision on the skin. The camera is connected to a TV monitor and the surgeon is able to see the whole inside picture of the joint. Then the surgeon can examine and determine what kind of operative measures are needed to be taken.
  2. Joint Fusion surgery- patients suffering from severe joint pains in knee, wrist, ankle, hands, and feet have to undergo this surgery. In this operation, the surgeon takes out the defective cartilage between the two bones and fixes the bones with steel plate and screws. This helps in preventing the bones to come in contact and reduces the pain.
  3. Internal Fixation surgery (fractures) – to support the fractured bones till it cures totally, the surgeons use some implants like plates, screws, nails, pins etc. the surgeon first sets all the broken parts of the bones properly in their normal position and then with the help of plates, screws, pins, nails fix it strongly till it cures and able to bear the load of the body. These implants are made of stainless steel, titanium and in some cases cobalt or chromes.
  4. Joint Replacement or Prosthesis- in this surgery the defective joint is removed and replaced either totally or partially or revision of replacement.

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