9 Things To Remember When Hosting A Business Lunch

Sometimes, a business lunch can make or break your relationship with a certain client. As this is an important occasion, many businesses turn to caterers York PA to help them serve delectable meals in an efficient yet presentable manner. Hosting a business lunch? Here are nine things you need to know by heart:

Mind your venue. If you’re doing an in-office business lunch, make sure that the room you will be using is booked in advance, is well-ventilated, and is thoroughly cleaned. If it’s a restaurant, pick up a venue near your client. Relay the info in advance and get your client’s confirmation that he or she knows where is the location of your business lunch.

Arrive early. Punctuality is a great sign of professionalism. If you are to host a business lunch, you have to arrive even earlier than the actual meeting time. This will help you check if everything is already prepared well. It will also give you ample time to review your agenda.

Choose a menu that is easy to eat. Order smart and don’t ask for foods that are difficult to eat. You might not want to have a spaghetti stain on your suit while you’re trying to strike a deal with your client. Or you might not want to let them see you struggle to eat your club sandwich or prawn while they are focussing something important.

Know their food preferences and dietary restrictions. This is something that should never be overlooked. Caterers York PA should know if they have to avoid something when serving the food to your table. Know this in advance and properly cooperate with your food supplier.

Don’t eat until everyone is served with their food. As a basic rule, a host should be mindful about their guests first. Never eat until your guests — especially your clients — are not eating yet.

Never overlook your goals and agenda. While your mind can be occupied with a lot of things during a business lunch, keep in mind that it is still a meeting after all. Don’t lose track and review once in a while if you’re achieving the purpose of this event. Of course, you don’t want to spend some money over a business lunch without getting any positive outcome.

Be a good listener. During meetings, many hosts male the mistake of talking too much. Remember that you should make the client feel that they are important. One way to do so is to let them do the talking and the discussion. Lend a listening ear and answer smartly.

Don’t forget about your dining etiquette. If you want to really look a professional, you should know the basic food etiquette. Elbows abound be off the table. As much as possible, you shouldn’t use any mobile gadget. And most importantly, never talk when you’re chewing or when your mouth is full.

Pick up the bill. If you’re hiring caterers York PA and doing an in-office meeting, then you need to settle the bill in advance. If you’re doing it at a restaurant, it’s safer to give your credit card early to avoid your meeting from getting interrupted just because your bill has arrived.

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