12 Bengali wedding photography shoots

Banquet halls are somewhat the best place for getting shots of any absolutely best Bengali wedding photography. Photographers should be aware about a few things before checking out a Bengali wedding. It not only deals with the amazing stage decoration of a banquet hall but also the ultimate Bengali Wedding Photography.

  1. Aiburobhat shoots

This happens before the night of the actual wedding where the bride and the groom take their last meal as unmarried couples in their respective homes or banquet halls.

  1. Haldi

The gaye holud ceremony is a significant and traditional ceremony at bengali wedding photography. It is a beautifying and blessing ceremony in bengali tradition. It includes food,laughter,music and dance.

It occurs in the morning and the bride and the groom are not supposed to meet each other till the wedding. It is a part of the beautification process before the wedding where the bride wears a yellow saree with her arms and legs exposed where the turmeric paste mixed with milk,water and mustard oil is applied to her body. Mostly organised at the banquet hall.

  1. Gaye Holud totto

A very special ritual here is the ritual of tatta which the groom’s family sends to the bride’s on this day. It is basically an exchange of gifts between the families known as tatta.

It includes delicacies such as sweets,fruits, mishti doi,clothes, cosmetics etc for the bride and also close friends and relatives.

  1. Ashirbad scenes

This is the ceremony where the bride and groom are accepted by both the families formally by showering their blessings. They also give gifts to both the bride and groom such as jewelry, sweets and many other things.

The ceremony can be conducted any day. A few days before, a month or on the wedding day. An important shoot or bengali Wedding Photography.

  1. Mala-badal

In the ceremony, there is an exchange of flower garlands between the bride and the bridegroom.

Both the bride and bridegroom set their eyes on each other. This marks the first time during the wedding that they are allowed to see each other.

  1. Satpak

In this ritual, the bride is carried by some male members of her family to the mandap. Whilst being carried the bride covers her face with betel leaves.

The bride circumambulates around the groom seven times helped by her male relatives carrying her. This ritual is called satpak.

  1. Sindoor daan

After the marriage ceremony is over, a ceremony called bashi biyei is organised. In this ceremony sindoor daan takes place.

Here the groom puts vermilion on the bride’s head. The bride then becomes his wife. After the mantras they worship the sun.

  1. Vidai moments

Among all the rituals, konya bidai is the saddest ritual. The bride leaves her father’s place to enter her new family. Before leaving she throws chawal and aloo to her mother’s aanchal.

This is the symbolic ritual to let her parents know that she is leaving after repaying all debts.

  1. Bodhu-baran shoots

The bride and the groom enter their new life. The bride goes to the groom’s family where bodhu boron is done. It is a ritual where the newly wedded daughter in law enters her in laws home

It is a welcome gesture for the bride by her in-laws.

  1. Bou-bhat

In the morning the newly wedded bride serves the ghee-bhaat popularly known as bou bhat. It generally starts with the eldest member of the family.

The bou-bhat marks the bride’s first meal in her husband’s home. Family, friends,relatives are invited for the meal.

  1. Ful-sojja shoots

This is basically the reception party from the groom’s side of the wedding. Mainly widely celebrated at banquet halls because this gathers the major crowd from the bride’s side as well as the groom’s sides.

When about Bengali Wedding Photography, then this particular evening calls for a light headed photo storming. Basic enjoyment between the couple and either of the families. The gathering is light and has a spirit of  love and union as a whole.

Bengali wedding photography has to be altered and dealt with a great deal of personal passion. A good camera is not enough to capture the nest out of all the banquet hall shoots. The Photographer has to use an equal amount of passion with the carrier.

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