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The positives along with negatives that you can take out of each sleeping position

The moment a baby arrives there are going to be a wide range of sleeping options for the new born baby. You are going to be gaga on what to choose and what not. Let us now explore the best new born baby sleeping options for your little one.

The crib

This could turn out to be one of the traditional options for your little one. The major advantage of this option is that you are going to need less updates as you can use it till the child is ready in order to graduate to a full sized bed. It is available in a host of shapes or sizes and you can find accessories to it as well. In terms of negatives it is large size option that is going to make your baby unsettled. At the same time it does prove to be a costly option as well. You could term it as less portable as well.

Co sleeper

In this position your baby is going to sleep just beside your side. It may replicate a crib on one side and the best part about this position is that if your baby needs feeding you can reach out to them. If the baby needs any curdle during the night minimum amount of night time disruption is avoided. The baby does appear to be safe as they are having their own position. As most of the models have wheels it does place you in a position where you can move it from one room to another in an easy manner. If you find it smaller than a crib it would outgrow quickly as well. If there are no accessories it does make it difficult to move it from one room to another. Another drawback would be that the bedding accessories are very limited.


This does prove to be one of the best sleeping positions for the baby due to the comfort aspect as it would cocoon the baby. It is going to comfort the baby and they are going to be put to sleep as well. The rocking type of bassinets is another variation of this. If they come with wheels you can move it from one room to another in an easy manner. Being small in size means that it could fit even the smallest of the house. The baby happens to be cosy and you can put them to sleep. The only drawback is that the size is limited.

Baby hammock

This sleeping option has gone on to become popular in the last few years. The rocking motion of the hammock is going to put the baby to sleep in an easy manner. You can move it in an easy manner and it goes on to reduce the occurrence of flat head syndrome. There are some pitfalls to this sleeping position as well.  it does prove to be an expensive option as it tends to outgrow the baby.

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