Inexpensive but Delightful Birthday party ideas for Kids

It’s that time of the year when your kiddo will turn a year older. Time moves rapidly. Hence it’s important to make sure that you celebrate his/her birthday with great gusto and of course by inviting all of their school friends. Nowadays organizing the birthday parties for kids is becoming extravagant and loud.  You send birthday gifts in return to their friends. And all of these might cost you a fortune. Hence creating a problem for parents to plan a party on the budget. Therefore, today we have curated a blog for you that will keep the cost down of your party. But it will be loaded with fun, making it best for your kid.

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Choose Inexpensive Party Location

First things first, once you are settled with the budget you can opt for a party location. It also depends on what time you are celebrating. If it’s during special season chances are the fare will be high. There are many locations available that you can choose. For instance, you can throw birthday bash right outside of your home. There are also parks for kids where the local communities provide you rental shelters decked up with picnic tables and more. Other than that, what’s important is to involve your kid in the decision.

Go for party invitation that fit in the budget

Once you are decided on the location, it’s time for you to let your guests know about the party. And that happens through the invitation cards. Nowadays most of the people have computers in their home, so it becomes effectively cheap of designing. In addition to that, there are many templates readily available. You can print them out or simply send them via e-mail or any messenger app. Depending upon your guests you can get the number of prints. Remember the lower number of guests will cost you the low amount.

Choose Eye-catching and Inexpensive Decorations

Most of the parties of kids have a theme of their favourite cartoon character or any other theme. However, it’s not mandatory to go accordingly when it comes to decor. Because when you theme based it is most likely to go over the budget. Therefore, not too loud but eye-catching kind of decoration is perfect for your kid’s birthday party. For example, if you are having a party for a boy then a superman or batman theme is suitable. You can get the personalized balloons of the character. And the napkins, plates etc items of blue and yellow in colour.

Inexpensive Food & Drinks

One of the most inexpensive ways of hosting the party is to have it in afternoon. You must be thinking why, well because the guests will come to your place after having lunch. So, they won’t be able to dive into something heavy meal. In fact, all you need is to bake a cake or cupcakes along with a few snacks and drinks which are healthy yet tasty. Be certain to mention the specific time on the invitation card so the guests arrive on time. If you don’t wanna cook then buy gift basket delivery in bulk that will lessen down the price of food. Serve the drink in small cups as kids tend to leave them while sitting.

Inexpensive Birthday Party Games for Kids

Games are the integral part of the birthday party without which the party becomes boring. But always include your kid into the choice what kind of games s/he would like to play. There are so many games that require little arrangements like pin the tail to a donkey. Besides the room should be huge to play. Another game can be of Piñata game, scavenger hunt within the home, Musical chairs, hot potato etc.

Buy Cheap Party Favors

The trend of giving return gifts is the talk of the town. Rather than giving expensive gifts, one should try for a brown paper bag filled with sweet and savoury delicacies. Put their name on the sack next to with the cute stickers and glittery things. For more, you can add some inexpensive small cars, bracelets brought in bulk.

A great birthday party is the one where everyone is able to enjoy at its best. Secondly, without spending bucks, you are able to have the party for your kid. The above-mentioned blog sums up about everything you need to know about the inexpensive birthday party ideas. So, go ahead and throw an amazing bash for your little one and let us know about your experience in the comment section.

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