Identify the Purpose of Custom Lanyard in Professional and Personal Life

Lanyards are easy and convenient strings that help in hanging identity cards or smaller objects around neck. These strings are available in colorful designs and styles. You can also customize it from manufacturers or wholesalers. Most commonly lanyards are seen being used by schoolchildren, college students and office employees. It helps them carrying their identity cards and other smaller objects like keys, USB drives, etc.

Lanyards are also another way of promoting business and entities. An individual ordinarily dressed cannot be identified as an employee unless he or she isn’t hanging their lanyards with ID cards. Those lanyards are further customized by employers with their company’s logo printed on it. Not all materials allow imprinting of logo. However, some fabrics like nylon, Tubular are easily dyed and printed comfortable with multiple colors.

Custom Earth Promos is a biodegradable company that provides recycled products of various ranges. Initially, they started their business with recycled custom bags, now they also provide recycle bottles, seed papers lanyards, jotters, pen, USB drive, etc. The company is situated in Delray, Florida, but provides services all over US. If you’re eyeing for g or any other recycled products including lanyards, then you can try their affordable price.

Lanyards were used in 15th Century to carry, guns, whistles or swords. In early history, lanyards were made quite basic. Not much value was given to its appearance. Generally, the strings were rough ropes which gradually converted to leather strings. With time the importance of lanyard was understood and then came improvisation in its appearance.

Now lanyards have become a tool of promoting and advertising brands. Therefore companies, schools, government agencies, and other groups customize lanyards which help in segregation and identification. There are also some benefits of customizing lanyards –

  • All-purpose
  • Economical
  • Marketing


Lanyards have many purposes. You can use them to hang your identity card which helps in identifying company and employee’s name as well. School children benefit from it because teachers are security guards are able to recognize them. In sports, it is easy for coach to carry flashlight and whistles and keep their hands free to other task like tracking the speedometer. During events, offering as free gifts along with key chain or any other freebie hanging on it along with your company’s logo printed on the lanyard string helps in promoting brand name.


Instead of offering free gifts like t-shirt and freebies, provide customized lanyards with your brand name or logo printed don it. It is affordable and is available in various colors and styles. Along with lanyard, you can attach a small pouch which can be stuffed with popcorns or candies which is also another attractive method. It is cheaper to buy lanyards in bulk than to buy t-shirts.


Custom lanyards are basically a way of promoting your company, school, business, or group’s name. You can use different fabrics of lanyards. Select a material where printing colorful logo is easier, like tubular or dye sublimation. Lanyards are simple way of promoting a name, and also make an employee feel special.

Customized lanyards aren’t only for employees, but college students can carry their sunglasses or earplugs in it. Generally, senior citizens forget their things at various places. If you hang all-important items like cell phone and glasses around their neck, it saves their time searching for it. Families of Alzheimer patients can change their home address along with phone number in lanyard to protect them.

There are endless ways of using a lanyard, you simply should know the need and purpose of it and then get a customized one of your choice.

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