Can 360 Feedback Program Help Your Business?

There is always scope of improvement and growth in your organization if you are taking steps. You can always make sure that your staff members, no matter leaders, managers, department heads, clerical staff, everybody grows with changing needs. Of course, you can ensure so with the help of feedback. You should never underestimate the power of feedback. These are the things that can make your candidates touch great heights.

There are advanced tools and concepts like 360 degree performance appraisal that can be availed for the best outcomes. These are the tools that can help you to find out who lacks where and what has to be done. Once you are taking feedback for your organization and the performance of your employees; you can bring change for betterment.

In this system of appraisal, the performance of a staff member for a specific period of time, often a year gets deliberated and critiqued by different staff members. The 360 degree procedure is different, in the sense that it gets feedback from subordinates and co-workers   , rather than only from the direct manager or supervisor. The purpose of the procedure is to better understand how the employees are functioning as part of the team and to augment the manners in which team members perform and work together. It is worth noting for you that these kinds of appraisal might also encompass the insights of clients, vendors, or consultants – providing they do work daily with the staff member being reviewed. Of course, only the people who have been working with the employees can comment on their performance or overall performance.

Once you have this data in hand, you can find out what the venders, co-workers, subordinates and superiors say about the candidates.It would be excellent to have this insight because you can mold your plans and strategies accordingly. If you get to know that the staff members in a specific department for say sales are not motivated and really slow in their tasks; you can come up with some changes that boost them to perform better. You can introduce some incentives so as to charge up the staff members. After all, being the authority or administration it gets your responsibility to enhance the performance and skills of your employees.  What if you don’t know where your employees lack? Such a thing would only lead to shallowness or mediocre performance in the organization.

Does feedback Brings bitterness?

There is a misconception among employers and businessmen that feedback brings bitterness. Well, such a fallacy is, to some extent, true. The point is that if the name of the feedback giver is revealed, there would be bitterness for sure. In conventional ways, everybody used to know who said what and from whom a specific feedback has received. But in the realm of 360 degree feedback program, nobody is going to be bitter. It is because the feedbacks would be anonymous. It means there would be no revealing of the names of the people who have given the feedback.  Hence, since everybody get to know about the feedback but not the names of the giver; there isn’t going to be any friction or bitterness. So, if you feel that feedback brings bitterness then you should switch to this program of 360 appraisals.

High motivation

Motivation is something that keeps people going. In working spaces, especially in the present time, motivation is must. You cannot expect the employees to work steadily and in an effective manner in the absence of motivation. There has to be motivation in them only then they can bring the best results. Well, here feedbacks are linked up with the motivation factor. It is in the sense that once an employee gets to know that they have been praised highly and there are some really fantastic feedbacks for them; they get motivated to work even more dedicatedly and prudently. Of course, such a feedback fills the individuals with motivation.  Even if the tasks are difficult, the patch is rough; the feedback ends up motivating the candidate.

A challenge

If the employees really want to improve and grow then they would never take their feedbacks to heart. Of course, where there are good feedbacks, there are low feedbacks too. The ones receiving bad feedbacks should not lose heart. They should take up the feedback as a challenge and bring the change to prove them wrong in the times to come. In this way, they would take the situation as a challenge and work even more hard and with utmost affectivity to attain the supremacy. Such challenges keep the flow of improvement alive in the organization.

Why do businesses go for 360 feedback program?

Most of the businesses have a mission statement, a sight statement, and even a statement of goals. The 360 review provides the executive’s insight into the behavior; skills and attitude that a business feels are desirable towards fulfilling these targets. Having said this, there are myriad of benefits linked with the program of 360 performance review process but, the business must be committed to the procedure.  Remember when the management fails to have a proper implementation and follow-up plan, the system is clearly going to fail and might even give unwanted results.

There is self-awareness

Self-awareness means to comprehend your own personality, encompassing your weaknesses, thoughts, strengths, beliefs, motivations, and even emotions. This type of self-awareness is primarily important when talking about leadership. Leading individuals always require a careful balance of competing urgencies. Many individuals having wonderful intentions make mistakes because they make constant improvements in the wrong way.

There are many employees in your organization who think that they are less than their superiors and co-workers.  Such a feeling is not at all good for the growth of the business.  Here it might be helpful and supportive to know that people love you and your performance and rate you higher than you think of yourself. Onceyou know that your team members, superiors and department heads have a positive and heartening view about you, you end up with a better degree of confidence and effectiveness. Similarly, in case a leader gets some bad feedback too, it might be good for him. At least, he or she would get to know that they lack somewhere and there is scope of development.


So, when are you going to put 360 feedback programs to use? You must not skip it!

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