Augmented Reality – a visual treat and now a reality

Visualisation is a term of the mind. However, augmented reality has made this process possible in real time. We can now see and show whatever we visualize the environment we are in. It works in such a way that the user would feel the object in imagination is right in front of him. A well-known example of an augmented reality product is Google glass and heads-up displays in a car windshield.AR technology is also used in many industries including healthcare, public safety, real estate, gas and oil, tourism and marketing, education, manufacturing, telecommunication.

Augmented reality, is the amalgamation of digital information with users environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality doesn’t create an artificial environment rather utilises the existing environment and adds new information over it.

The applications used in augmented reality are written in special 3D programs that allow the developer to bond animation information in the computer program to augmented reality in the real world. The virtual data given in real-time seems as real data that enables to bridge the gap between virtual and real environments.

Some applications of augmented reality

In education and training augmented reality is making learning and understanding better and attention capturing. The instructor, for example, to explain the dismantling of a car engine, can utilise the features of AR rather than a real car engine, which can be done with ease and also can be done repetitively without any hassles. The education and training departments of companies are making augmented reality India a reality.

Visualising any unfinished product through augmented reality can make a user/developer understand the blueprint of the product. For example, a car designer has to try and test numerous parts to conclude the final design. Using AR with other components,  a designer can have the blueprint of the car in the full-size model.

Augmented reality can be a triumph in the customer services companies who deal with customer face to face on a daily basis, like the online retail companies. The sales section can make use of AR glasses to assist the customer in choosing the right product, as the customer can see himself at real time using the product.

AR used in medical fields is saving the lives of people. There are many products new to the market and the customer. AR is a desirable way to understand these products and their pros and cons.

Impact of augmented reality

The potential of augmented reality is endless, due to its real-time logic, it’s trying to be incorporated into all domains. Gaming is one of the most benefitted industries. In the medical field, it is used for practical purposes, marketing and advertising fields are already making use of augmented reality devices. The mobile industry is developing applications that would use facial recognition.

The companies that are augmented reality providers understand the essence of the market; they are always on the lookout for innovation. The best is always in the making; augmented reality will pave the way for further finer technology. Till then, augmented reality is the star of the moment.

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