A simple guide on how to make an ice cream cake

After several years of owning an ice cream shop, you will always get amazed at how people will be impressed with your ice cream cakes. They are quite easy to prepare and always tasty. You have to keep them frozen, and it can be a little tiring, but give yourself enough time and everything will be alright. Let us not talk much about the decoration here, this is another completely different lesson. Check out cake books to get inspired, just pick out the things you don’t mind freezing.

What do you need?


Simple forms are the simplest. A simple round or square cake can be decorated in endless ways, it is limited only by your imagination and the space that you have in the freezer. Just use a jar of regular cake. A square jar measuring 7 1/2 inches will feed about 12 people.

Ice cream

You must allow at least twice as much quantity in the form. It is difficult to say exactly how much you need because different brands have more or less air. Just buy ice cream of acceptable quality at the supermarket. No need to buy expensive. Just take what you enjoy eating.

Choose fragrances that blend well, and try to choose fragrances that have contrasting colors so that they look good from the inside when you cut them.


If you intend to transport it, you will need a box of polystyrene in which it will be cold. Remember that this is ice cream and should not be left in the freezer for a long time. Think about the height of your cake with decoration. You may need to add decorations at the last minute, otherwise, they will not fit in the box. You can also manage to get Ice cream cakes in Victoria from the green supermarket.

Lots of freezer space

Make sure you have easy access to the freezer when you are working, as you must put it on and take it out when it starts to melt.

Think about the height of the cake compared to your freezer. You may need to add decorations at the last minute, otherwise, they will not fit in the freezer.

Something to decorate it

The possibilities are endless. To begin with, what can be put on the cake. Like a toy truck for children or small balloons. You should be able to get something from any place where cake decorations are sold. Sweets are effective, but be careful with those who bleed if they get wet. They will stain your whole cake. Cookies are popular. Just make sure you leave space between things to cut the cake. You do not want to cut frozen cookies.

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