A Deal Management Platform Designed for Professionals

The internet is full of deal management platforms to manage commercial transactions. That’s why it has become more complicated to determine the right one to pick. But, choosing the appropriate one is important to ensure everything goes as expected. Therefore, if you are in the hunt for the deal management platform for professionals, look no further from Docyard management platform. There are several reasons to consider this platform over others. First off, it is leading end-to-end transaction management system empowering teams. The platform is introduced by deal advisers for deal advisers.

Everyone wants transparency when it comes to choosing anything for their business. With the dockyard management system, you can now track the entire transaction with total visibility on growth and problems 24/7 in one place. The time has come to keep your deals on course and eradicate wasted administration time.

Here are its key features –

  • Collaboration

If you work at a high pace with teams across several locations, then you surely in the need for a technology that improves the collaboration on a commercial and corporate transaction. With thedocyard, you can completely change the way you control your project with several stakeholders. You can easily check the status of your deliverables and filter the info you check on the platform.

  • Secure file sharing

With thedocyard, you can securely and easily store as well as share sensitive and large documents or files to external and internal users along with a complete permission/control over who checks what. Moreover, the platform enables you to set up permissions and roles.

  • Workflow

With thedocyard, you can manage your deliverables anywhere and anytime. Most importantly, you can determine key problems early and reduce risk. Take advantage of the platform to automate repeatable jobs, minimize inefficient and time-consuming manual procedures. You can monitory every job, and issue – control all team jobs in one place via shared checklists. It’s an approach you can take to keep yourself on top of every problem and job across your deal.

  • Project Management

 The thedocyard management system is introduced to save you from so many hassles like switching between spreadsheets and emails. Through its integrated dashboard equipment, you can track deal progress and insight into macro and micro level analysis. In short, you can get control over delivery with full responsibility and real-time status updates.

There are a lot of things incorporated in Docyard management platform to make things easy for you. The platform is must-thing for sectors like investment banking, law firms, corporate counsel, corporate advisory and funds.

So, take advantage of thedocyard designed especially for controlling the entire lifecycle of any commercial or corporate transaction.

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